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The Nigerian Arts, Fashion & Beauty (NAFB) Awards.

The office of the Nigerian arts, fashion & beauty (NAFB) awards has set a goal to annually celebrate the best of Nigeria’s unique arts, vast fashion designs and beauty accomplishments amidst celebrities, fashion show, cultural display, networking, indigenous music, traditional marketing, raffle drawings, and awards presentations.

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The prestigious NAFB Awards

Recognizing Arts & Culture, Celebrating Excellence In Indigenous Fashion Styles​​

Announcing the 2022 NAFB Awards

Only a selected few who have distinguished themselves in the dynamic Nigerian fashion, arts and beauty industry will ever carry the trophy.

We shall soon be accepting nominations for the 2022 NAFB Awards to be hosted in Toronto, Canada. Nigerians in any part of the world can nominate an individual, organizations and even Non-Nigerians to be recognized by the NAFBs’. Individuals can submit nominations for themselves or others and can nominate as many categories as they want. They can also nominate multiple times in each category. All nominee applications are made on a confidential basis. For nomination eligibility, click here

The 13th NAFB Awards

Toronto, Canada

It is an honor that will be shared amongst stakeholders in the dynamic Nigerian arts, fashion and beauty industry such as fashion designers, style analysts, make-up artists, models, and modeling agencies, comedians, gallery owners, fashion photographers, bloggers, Emcees. Artists, fabric & apparel merchants, hairdressers/stylists, radio/TV personalities as well as fashion and entertainment enthusiasts.

Sponsor Or Partner With Us

Sponsoring the 13th edition of the NAFBs’ provides you with the unique opportunity to connect with the larger Nigerian/African community to promote brand awareness.
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Showcase Your Products

Vendors’ tables will be available for interested wholesalers, distributors, retailers of fashion, hair & beauty products and others  to exhibit their merchandise.
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We always reckon on our army of volunteers to package the glamorous annual event. Although this is not a paid position but it is  definitely an exciting and rewarding experience …
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A Big Thanks To Our Supporters

Our supporters show commitments to supporting the community where they operate. In return, we provide them the rare opportunity to shine in our community …
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Just before the pandemic

12th NAFB Awards, Toronto, Canada

The 2019 NAFB Awards ceremony took place on Saturday, October 26, at the Paparazzi Eventz Center in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada. Here are some exciting moments captured from Nigeria’s most fashionable night. View photos

Join us in the celebration …. and be proud of it!

Nominate a deserving candidate for the 13th NAFB Awards

Online Form

Online nominations for the 13th annual Nigerian arts, fashion & beauty (NAFB) awards 2022 will be open soon. The nomination period is Friday, February 13th to Friday, April 27th, 2022.
Please be sure to fill in all information as your nomination is judged on what you put in this form.
Best of luck!